Grow through collaboration based on mutual trust

APG Europe believes in growth through cooperation and integration of well-organised companies.

This is how partnership takes shape and we create operational significance; between customers and APG, between suppliers and APG and between our mother Indutrade and APG. Thanks to a highly involved management and common interest we respond best to market situations,  togetherness, solidarity and entrepreneurship are guaranteed. That's what we call partnership. Welcome at APG.


Partnership works for us in two ways. In the first place we are partners for our customers with customized solutions and a comprehensive service. We are also partners for an international network of reliable suppliers and employees. Together, we are focused on innovation, quality and solutions for our customers.

As a supply chain management partner, we continually strive to find and develop new packaging technologies and logistics solutions, tailored to the demands and developments of our customers. From this basis we take customer-oriented steps.