New Bottle Sevilla

This new 200ml HDPE bottle has a classic, conical design. Due to the flat flip top cap it can also be stackd upside-down for better stability.

The Sevilla bottle is the prefect bottle for bathroom products such as shampoo's, conditioner or lotions.
Also the combination with the flat bi-color flip top cap gives the possibility to stack the bottle upside-down ensuring a better stability on the shelves.

The bottle can be ordered in white or natural colour at a minimum order quantity of 10.000pcs but can also be produced in any colour of the rainbow at a minimum production quantity of only 25.000 pcs.

We can offer printing on the frontside and / or backside of the bottle as well because labelling is not the best option for conical shaped bottles such as this one. But in combination with a bi-color flip top cap in the same colour references a really nice design can be achieved.

For more details such as prices or samples please contact us.